Kuwait Project

Kuwait Project 

SinoTharwa was awarded a 5 years contract in Kuwait with JO. after tough competition with a local Kuwait companies.
The total expected revenues to be generated in the upcoming 5 years is $20 million with a 18% return on investment.

Contract duration 5+2 years

  •Company’s Kuwait branch establishments according to the global standards

 SinoTharwa Kuwait branch office allow many of the client-specific administrative considerations to be conducted, located in a very strategic & vital place in the cityThe office is highly equipped & well-constructed

   •Kuwait yard arrangements 

  SinoTharwa Kuwait Yard is precisely constructed on the same approach 
  as Egypt Yard in order to house & hospitalize the largest possible number
  accommodations as a guest house, suitable place to be used as free zone area, 
 workshops, main warehouse, training   building & storage areas