Rig ST-29 Details
Rig ST-29
Rig General Data
Rigs Category Work Over
Rig Type Trailer mounted desert and fast moving rig
Built on 2016
Rig HP 550 HP
Accomodation suitable for 40 person
Start Operation April, 7th 2019
Flag Egypt
Work over depth capability with 2 7/8” DP” OD drill Pipes 4500 m
Liquid Mud 2 tanks,total capacity 800 bbls
Drill Water 1 X 80 M3
Diesel fuel 1 X 30 M3
Main Power Main engine Cat C-15-550 HP
Model Z02010000035AA
Driven Way 12 X 8
Minimum Clearance from Ground 0.34 m
Minimum Turning Radius 18 m
Max Moving Speed 60 km/h
Max Climbing Gradient 0.32
Approach Angle 30
Steering Hydraulic assist power
Number of Axles 6
Drilling Equipment
Mast 93 ft height,Max. static load 120 mton.
Racking platform capacity Racking platform capacity of 2.7/8” DP = 4500 m
Rig floor set back rated load capacity 60 mton.
Crown block TC 155 ,rated load capacity 147 mton
Travelling block YC155,rated load capacity 147 mton
Hook block YG150,Rated load capacity 147 mton
Swivel head SL 147,Static rated capacity 147 mton,Rated working pressure 5,000 psi
Drawworks JC 450-S,Rated input power 550 HP
Drilling line size 1"
Top Drive Not available
Rotary table ZP175,Maximum opening 20.1/2",
Mud Pumps 1 X China ,3NB-500,triplex,single acting,Max press 3000 psi,driven by Cat C 15 -540 HP engine
Solid control equipment 1 X ZSW-3/2.2KW-liner motion shale shaker
Annular Diverter Not available
13.5/8" Bag Preventer Size 11",working pressure 5,000 psi
13.5/8"double Ram Preventer Size 11",working pressure 5,000 psi
13.5/8" single Ram Preventer Not available
Choke & Kill manifold Size 4.1/16",W.P 5,000 psi
Accumulator Unit Max. working pressure 3000 psi
4.3/4" Drill Collars 15 jts,spiral,range 2,ID 2.1/4"
3.1/2" OD Drill Pipes Range 2,NC 38,available as well programe needs